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Lead Products

Payday Loans (UK)

Payday Loans continue to be a growth area and we have built an extensive panel of UK Lenders that enable us to provide an unrivalled service on commission and conversion.

Payday Loans are short-term cash advances to customers ranging from £100 to £750 and payable by the customer the next time they get paid. Acceptance rates on this type of borrowing are higher than that of Secured or traditional Unsecured Loan lending. Payday Loans are generally processed very quickly and only online – therefore they are ideal as a product to market as if the lead is successful you will, most of the time, get an instant response.

We process a huge number of applications per month so we have therefore negotiated excellent commission levels from our lenders so we can pass on market leading rates to our Lead Sources.

We don't claim to have the highest average commission level simply because some lenders will not pay much per lead. We believe it is better to be able to offer your customers a loan and offer you a commission rather than rejecting the lead completely. We are proud our Lead Sources that tell us we convert better than anyone they have tried before. We offer 2 opportunities to monetise your UK Payday Loan traffic – Instant and Deferred.

Instant Response Lenders

An instant response lender provides the decision for the Lead Source instantly – you will know who has approved the customer and how much commission you have earned.

The majority of our lenders do provide instant responses and the results can be viewed in our members area so you have instant access to exactly how your method of marketing is performing. Feedback from our existing Lead Sources see our members area as vital to their campaigns performance.

Deferred Response Lenders

We offer an additional income stream for our Lead Sources with our panel of deferred response lenders. These are lenders that can take up to 10 days to provide a decision for a lead but generally these leads, when they convert, pay more.

Our process works by assessing the instant response lenders first then the deferred lenders. All results in the process, whether instant or deferred, are accessible 24/7 via our members area on the Lead Affinity portal.

There are many ways you can refer UK Payday Loans to us – you can send them via your website or we can provide you with your own web page as a landing page. Contact us to discuss our simple integration methods.